by Gemma Ashby, Assistant Keeper of History

Trigger warning: This blog post references overt racism, and British and French colonial exploitation of African people.

If you’ve ever taken a walk through Exhibition Park in Newcastle or visited Wylam Brewery for a drink and marvelled at the building in which it’s…

by Bill Griffiths, Head of Programme and Collections

This month sees the publication of African Lives in Northern England, a project by the group of the same name. The group began in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd, the demonstrations in support of the Black Lives Matter movement…

By Andrew Parkin, Keeper of Archaeology, Great North Museum: Hancock

Two halves of a terracotta Greek lion head waterspout. The story of how these two…

The Covid-19 pandemic impacted on everyone’s lives in so many different ways. For museums like the Great North Museum: Hancock, it was challenging to try and maintain and develop relationships with audiences when physical visits were limited or, for many…

By Dan Gordon, Keeper of Biology, Great North Museum: Hancock

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An undated photo of the Uganda Railway near Mombasa (http:/, Public domain via Wikimedia Commons)

Abel Chapman’s time in Southern Africa was only the first of many visits to the continent. His next trip, in 1904, was to a very different place — British East Africa. This was a…

In conversation with Keeper of Art, Lizzie Jacklin

Close up of gold frame against a red wall, showing a painting of a woman in a red dress on a rock, looking out to sea
A Dark Pool, c.1917 by Laura Knight / Laing Art Gallery © The Estate of Dame Laura Knight / Bridgeman Images. Photo by Colin Davison

Challenging Convention focuses on the work of four British female artists — Laura Knight Dod Procter, Vanessa Bell and Gwen John — who were all born in the late nineteenth century but worked in the early decades of the twentieth century. …

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