Behind The Heads: Natural History, Empire and The Abel Chapman Collection. Part 2.

An undated photo of the Uganda Railway near Mombasa (http:/, Public domain via Wikimedia Commons)
Elmi Hasan, Abel Chapman and an unknown Game Tracker with a dead Hyena, British East Africa, 1904.
Detail of an illustration from Chapman’s 1907 book ‘On Safari’. In it, Chapman rests under a tree while assistants butcher a Zebra carcass.
Illustration from ‘On Safari’ showing porters returning from a hunt with a rhino head destined to become a hunting trophy.
Photograph from ‘On Safari’ showing a group of local people near Lake Turkana in what is now Kenya.
Illustration from ‘On Safari’ titled Executors. It depicts Hyenas digging up the body of one of Chapman’s employees, a porter named Ibrahim. In the foreground, three Hyenas fight over his body. In the background, a fourth eats his hand.
Undated photo showing a wall in Abel Chapman’s house (©Natural History Society of Northumbria)



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