Greek archaeology in the Great North Museum: Hancock — taking the Shefton Collection online

Two halves of a terracotta Greek lion head waterspout. The story of how these two halves were reunited is part of the Stories from the Archive online exhibition.
Sir Charles Monck (1779–1867) ©Middleton Archive.
Belsay Hall in Northumberland: inspired by Sir Charles Monck’s encounters with the remains of ancient Greek temples on his travels in Greece.
The late Professor Brian Shefton in the Great North Museum: Hancock ’s Shefton Gallery of Greek Archaeology, 2009.
Attic red-figure pelike depicting a young woman carrying an offering basket on her head, followed by an older woman. About 470 BC.
Marble statuette of Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. Nike is represented alighting on a globe. Her arms and wings are missing, although sockets for the wings and metal dowels for attaching the arms are still visible.
The top half of a Rhodian Bronze oinochoe (wine jug), the very last object Brian Shefton acquired for his Greek collection in Newcastle.



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