Let Toys Be Toys?

TWCMS: 2000.5713, a Fisher-Price train set. The box shows a young boy playing with the trains.

“All toys are gender neutral, what is not neutral is the way toys are marketed.” — Christia Spears Brown, Associate Professor, University of Kentucky

TWCMS: 1999.1333, a ‘Desert Patrol’ Action Man doll, complete with guns and weapon accessories.
Image shows a boxed Bratz doll with long brown hair, wearing a yellow multi-coloured cropped top saying’ Selfie’ and a short black and blue skirt and pink heels. Plastic accessories are in the box next to the doll, including make-up, a blue mobile phone, a pink lip-shaped handbag and a green frog shaped phone case.
TWCMS: 2015.2044, a Bratz #SelfieSnaps doll, with make-up and phone accessories.
Image shows a pink plastic woven-look toy pram with yellow wheels. The pram is on a black frame with a handle to pushed by children.
TWCMS: 1999.2513, a pink and yellow toy pram.
TWCMS: J17258, a children’s science chemistry set. The box shows three boys and one girl playing with the set.
Image shows a boxed plastic doll of the character Elsa from the Disney film franchise Frozen. The doll has long blonde hair and is wearing a blue dress. The box highlights different features of the doll and an image of a young girl playing with the doll.
TWCMS: 2015.2043, a Disney ‘Singalong’ Elsa doll from the Frozen franchise.



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